Database management software solutions

How our database management solutions can help your business in 2010


Here at BC Monaco we create and develop Mac and PC Point of Sale and database management software solutions as a management tool for you to maintain and safe guard data needed for your business. Our databases allow you to manage and use an enormous variety of information easily, enabling you to maintain order in a chaotic business environment. Allowing you direct access to your businesses data through the click of a mouse, our databases are cost effective helping businesses to manage their existing resources with specificity and precision, down to the last penny!

Knowledge is power

Using one of our database management software solutions allows you the client to obtain a retrospective advantage in your industry, allowing you to improve the results of your business in the future using data from the past. The accumulated wealth of knowledge in your database e.g. log of customers, names, past orders, addresses, frequency of visits etc allows for data mining and other analysis purposes such as interpreting your target niche/ demographic. This in turn enables you to better direct other costs such as advertising, brand loyalty schemes and other marketing methods.


Advantages of using our Mac and PC POS and database management software solutions

  • Service through subscription: therefore you also obtain the exceptional intellectual property of the company for as long as you subscribe to the software solution.
  • Using our software solutions allows you to have full knowledge and control over the workings of your establishment at all times. Even if you are not present in your establishment, you can still log on to the system and check how efficiently your business is working.
  • We are continually updating and improving the capabilities of our database and POS solutions. These updates automatically appear on our already existing customers solutions, which proves to be a very convenient method of upgrading.
  • The softwares inherent database capabilities allow for coupon reward schemes etc that can be used to increase customer loyalty and build closer relationships with your customers.
  • Piece of mind: The software allows you to know and have control over the workings of your establishment at all times, at a simple click of a mouse or touch of a screen.
  • Security: measures such as password applications within the software, allow you to choose what others can see or manipulate at all times. Whether it be prices, menu options, receipts etc you are in control!
  • Everything is programmed and ready for you to implement your products in to the system.