Restaurant management pos software

BC Monaco storms in to 2010 with advanced capabilities in both Mac and PC POS and database management software solutions.


2010 is looking to be a creative and exciting year for us here at BC Monaco with the launching of updated and revised versions of our already critically acclaimed restaurant and cafe Mac POS and data management solutions. Our team at BC Monaco are constantly in tune and up to date with the continuous technological advancements apparent in the ever evolving world of computers. We make it a priority to write solutions that work perfectly on the Mac as well as on PC, whereby catering for a larger demographic of prospective clients in the business world.


With expertise in programming and developing databases, the team at BC Monaco take great pride in promoting our Mac POS and management software solutions that are easy to use, easily understood and visually aesthetic. Always seeking new innovative capabilities for our solutions, we offer our clients unique products such as EVE (a mobile network solution you can read more about in our software section) and advanced database management options such as our inventory capability application which allows up to the second inventory specification linked with other financial data such as sales, orders, bills, receipts and waiter recognition.


Here at BC Monaco we do the work so you don't have to. In terms of our POS and database management software solutions, all correlations between your products are already made for you e.g. in the case of our restaurant Mac POS software, all correlations between ingredients, dishes, drinks etc are already done for you, all you have to do is customize the program to your specific menu and restaurant layout. While on the topic of BC Resto (our restaurant Mac POS software solution), additional advanced options offered include a accumulated bill application which allows you to create weekly/ monthly/ yearly client bills for purposes such as creating brand loyalty. We also offer an advanced delivery application which includes capabilities such as storing addresses, names, telephone numbers and past orders. We are also excited about the soon to be launched Iphone support application we are working on, which will allow waiters immediate use of the POS system while taking orders.



BC Monaco strives to exceed our existing and prospective clients business needs and wants and we know in order for this to happen service is crucial. This is exactly why we offer our unlimited service and consultancy throughout our clients subscription durations. You can contact us over Skype, telephone or email and you will always reach one member of BC Monaco's integral team. The developers of the programs works in-office and therefore you have the immediate creators of the software at your service.



BC Monaco: Need a Mac Point of Sale software for your small business, cafe or restaurant? Are you looking for a database management software solution for your real estate agency, automobile garage or showroom? Are clarity, user friendliness and fast installation important factors in your purchase decision making? Is unlimited support as well as a fast response rate vital to you as a business person? If you answered yes to the latter 4 questions, BC Monaco is your optimum POS/ database management software provider.