Restaurant mac pos is the future

Mac OS vs Windows


"Mac OS ("MAC"), including the Mac OS X currently used with Apple Computers, are very good operating systems. They're very popular with graphics design companies, educators, and the home user but not so popular in the retail business world. Unfortunately, for the die hard Mac user, most of the world is run by PCs and Windows and very few POS systems run on MACs." 'How to choose mac pos software" by Jeff Haefner



A large number of establishments prefer to run windows operating systems, as general consensus leads us to believe that it's pretty difficult to find a reliable point of sale software for the Mac that still offers the same options and features. The fact that there is such a vast number of Windows pos systems in comparison to those that are designed for the Mac, lead people to believe they are limited in terms of choice of features and options. Fortunately, this may have been true in the past but not at present. The BC Resto software package meets all your point of sale needs as well as offers extra sophisticated options such as up to the minute inventory control, a delivery database application and an accounting option. We have designed pos software for the Apple Mac operating system, as unlike Windows operating systems, there is an unlikely chance of bugs or viruses occurring, it's easy to use and they have the aesthetic advantage of looking elegan t and modern in your establishment.



On the matter of compatibility with other Windows software, one could argue that a Mac pos system may not permit the interface with other Windows accounting or payroll software. Our response to the latter argument is to simply highlight the progressive increase in the appearance of Mac accounting and payroll software as well as to draw focus on the populations inevitable turn towards internet banking, supported by the recent discontinuation of Microsoft's Money Plus software, due to banks, brokerage firms and websites now providing a range of options for managing personal finances. Therefore from our clients point of view, we offer the means for them to formulate their businesses finances through utilizing our solutions on a operating system that is unlikely to crash, has advanced options and which is aesthetically pleasing.



Finally when choosing a pos software there are two more factors t o consider; does it include a great support service and is it an industry specific software? Here at BC Monaco we offer our software on a subscription basis, which includes our unlimited service and support for your subscription duration. You have the BC Monaco team (find out more in the 'about us' section of our website) at your service to guide you through the installation process and for any other queries you may have. BC Monaco offers a variety of solutions including a pos solution designed specifically for the restaurant and small retail industry as well as database management solutions catering for the real estate and automobile industry. All work beautifully on both Mac and PC, in order to give our prospective clients the choice of purchasing our solutions for either operating system.



BC Resto: It's the future of restaurant service and management.



Would you like the option of taking away all the large, ugly, space consuming points of sale hardware you currently have and replacing them with 1 beautiful, elegant Apple Mac book? Well now you can! Thanks to the unique point of sales software we've been developing over the last 7 years you can now subscribe to BC Resto Mac pos; our fully downloadable, vastly capable restaurant point of sale software. Specifically designed for owners of restaurants, cafes and take aways, we offer a free 30 day trial for those who wish to test our software before subscribing.