A Brief Introduction

BC Boutique is an innovative, fully downloadable, software database management solution made specifically for small businesses

BC Boutique aids you in keeping track of up to the minute sales in your establishment. The internal database of the system logs these sales, correlating each sale with depreciation of inventory as well as recording which worker made the sale and at what time.
Choosing BC Boutique as your management system means your PC or Mac will now act as your till in your establishment. The fact that the system was also designed to work on Mac's offers the opportunity to take away all the large space consuming hardware you already have in place and replace them with one elegant Mac book. The integration of BC Boutique in your establishment is as easy as downloading the system (buy BC Boutique) and entering your products in to the system.
Hardware necessary for use of the BC Boutique pos software :
1) Printer... Epson Star TSP 100 (can be used for Mac or PC and works out to be one of the cheapest) ;
2) A Mac or PC ;
3) If you are interested in a touch screen, ELOtouch is the best place to choose one from.


BC Boutique aids you in managing your front and back of office day to day workings : Management of tables, waiters, orders, returned products and special offers, on screen bill visualization, protection and control codes, client accounts, as well as automatic price changes according to percentage.

BC Boutique aids you in locating your niche market and gaining an optimum business model : Accumulated sales statistics, client account information, specific inventory:product sales analysis and summary of bills tickets and receipts coordinated with products sold, waiters working and times of sales, automatic ordering, invoice issuance, client files, daily, weekly, monthly account calculation.
After downloading the BC Boutique point of sale system on to each of your Mac or PC's within your establishment, they will be all be interconnected when accumulating and tracking overall inventory depreciation, sales, orders, billing etc.