A Brief Introduction

BC Immo is a software database management solution adapted to real estate professionals.

BC Immo aids you in keeping track of the workings of your establishment. Unlimited number of lots or contracts you are able to store, the possibility to modify the program yourself.

Choosing BC Immo as your management system means your PC or Mac will now act as your lot book in your establishment. Complete management of contracts, multiple addresses, telephone numbers, links between contracts, links to product sheet, detailed view for each visit viewing, accounts for tenant or landlord purposes, multiple accounts per contact, direct links to management etc
Hardware necessary for use of the BC Immo software :
A Mac or PC

BC Immo aids you in managing your front and back of office day to day workings : Lease Management, automation of routine management, funds, adjustment of charges, up to date rent information, payments to owners, print receipts (past and present), tables of debit/ credit transactions


After downloading the BC Immo software database management solution on to each of your Mac or PC's within your establishment, they will be all be interconnected when accumulating and tracking overall sales, orders, billing etc.