A Brief Introduction

BC Garage is an innovative, fully downloadable, software database management solution for automobile professionals.

BC Garage aids you in keeping track of the workings of your establishment. How many cars you have sold, of what type, brand, color, all automatically correlated with inventory.
Choosing BC Garage as your management system means your PC or Mac will now act as your inventory and log book in your establishment. Internal database of car brand, model and availability.
Hardware necessary for use of the BC Garage POS software:
A Mac or PC

BC Garage aids you in managing your front of office day to day workings : Management of sales, availability, online publication/showroom of all cars available and an internal multi-criteria search engine.

BC Garage aids you in managing your back office day to day workings : Sales statistics, calculation of taxation, client account information and billing.

BC Garage aids you in locating your niche market and gaining an optimum business model : Accumulated sales statistics, client account information, specific inventory, product sales analysis and summary of bills tickets and receipts coordinated with products sold.

After downloading the BC Garage software database management solution on to each of your Mac or PC's within your establishment, they will be all be interconnected when accumulating and tracking overall inventory depreciation, sales, orders, billing etc.