14/11/2011, Version 957
Drag and drop support for screen customization.
various bug fixes and interface improvements.
28/07/2011, Version 953
Big improvements to security
various bug fixes and interface improvements.
28/11/2010, Version 948
Multiple improvements in a network environment.
Several interface tweaks
Printing improvements
13/09/2010, Version 943
iOS devices (iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone) can now print!
Several interface changes,
Printing improvements (left indent now... works),
ingredients for products are now added faster,
Easier browsing when you click “plus” during a sale.
11/04/2010, Version 936
Added CLOCK FEATURE! Please test it and let us know what you think.
30/03/2010, Version 933
Small bug's rectified. Updated printing feature with latest plugin.
30/01/2010, Version 929
Small bug's rectified. Improved printing of sales statistics for a range of dates.

15/11/2009, Version 928
A smarter search for customers and sales installed.
01/10/2009, Version 923
Hard at work integrating BC Resto with phone systems to simplify the restaurant ordering process. Vast improvements in the search engine for finding customers. User interface improved also.
05/07/2009, Version 917
Minor improvements made and any bug's rectified. Adjustments in correlation with the new french reduced tax law.
04/05/2009, Version 914
Improved userface for security features in the preferences. Features added to easily find products that have been used in a 'key' on the touch screen- employees can be archived.
31/03/2009, Version 912
Added double-click feature to open some listed items. Improved customer account feature. Kiosk mode can now be 'zoomed' on big screens.